The Product

The need for animation arises in many forms.  Choosing EduMation to generate you next Promotional Reel or Trade-show Graphics means bringing a team with the know-how as to what works best in any size environment, be it a 400,000 sq. ft tradeshow floor or your company auditorium.  EduMation is also no stranger to the Board Room, delivering high-power explanatory animatics and simulatronic-reels to Corporate Officers across the globe.  These impact-inducing visuals are available in a number of formats and can be custom-tailored to meet a spectrum of needs--from the smallest of Investor presentations to globally-oriented press releases.

The Pre-Visualization services provided by EduMation afford you an avenue to see the real-thing--before it exists.  Using your existing CAD-based files and the latest in Luxology product-rendering solutions we can produce life-like results of your product in almost any location under almost any condition.  Whether physics or imagination drives the result--knowing what your product will look like on or off the shelves can be worth the words it would take to describe it.

Our understanding of how to preserve the target focus while developing attention-demanding visuals with regard to your medical procedural and/or technology based promotional needs means you can quickly and efficiently be equipped with the tools to better reach your audience.  At EduMation we strive to create materials that transcend the knowledge gap and translate your product or procedural endeavor smoothly to your audience. When you work with EduMation we always welcome the opportunity to integrate the existing material you may already have to establish an fluid experience that reaches your audience both intellectually and emotionally--while retaining any Brand™ recognition you wish to preserve.